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We are creative
thinkers and
We learn through
inquiry, discussion,
and reflection.
We find joy
in exploring the
world around us.
We are
and engaged
citizens of the
city of Philadelphia.
We are building
a better future
for humankind.
A Small City School

Rooted in the practice of Quaker values, Frankford Friends School nurtures the mind and spirit of every student in our diverse community. Our tight-knit student body reflects the demographics of Philadelphia and we proudly maintain the lowest tuition of any Quaker school in the Delaware Valley.

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An Inquiry-Driven Program

Our project-based learning curriculum pushes students to lead their own learning, collaborate and communicate with their peers, and practice personal accountability.

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A Global Perspective

We use the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for understanding and engaging with the issues that impact our communities today and in the future. Our students grapple with complex, real-world problems and learn to be active changemakers in their own neighborhoods and in the world beyond.


The home base for our project-based learning curriculum


Designed for engaged, creative, and curious students

Teaching & Learning at FFs

"Students today have more access to technology, including the internet, than ever before. Helping them to navigate this is vital to their future well-being and success."

Teacher Kevin

Middle school math & technology

Middle school

"Students at FFS graduate with an intrinsic understanding of what kind of thinker they are and the talents they can bring to a team. They know how to start something from a seed and turn it into a fully-fledged creation."

Teacher Alyssa

Fourth grade

Lower school

"Musical collaboration through ensemble playing develops presence of mind, active listening, cooperation, and quick reflexes — skills that translate from a musical group to any sized community."

Teacher Andrew

String music and i.t.

Performing arts

"No matter how small, no matter how young, we can all make a difference. That is something that isn't just learned and stored at school, but students carry this concept back with them to their homes and communities."

Teacher Jamie

First grade

early childhood

"My students have a love for reading that is contagious. When we read, we open up a world that feeds all of our curiosities and makes us want to learn more."

Teacher Eliza

second grade

lower school

"FFS students not only know that change needs to happen, they never doubt their own power. I am inspired by the fearlessness and the passion of my students to take on tough questions and act in big and small ways."

Teacher Elizabeth

Middle school humanities

Middle school



6:30 pm

Back to School Night


10:00 am

Fall Fair


7AM - 12 PM

Grandfriends Day


school closed

Indigenous Peoples' Day

School News


7th Graders Explore Global Environmental Challenges

Empowering our students to be future leaders.

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Letting Our Lives Speak in Service to Children in Haiti

Service: one of our most fundamental priorities.

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