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+ Extended Day

The Extended Day Program at Frankford Friends School is looking for an enthusiastic person to help care for the children during Extended Day from 3-6 each day that school is in session. Opportunities for full day work on Enrichment Camp Days is also available. The successful candidate should have good communication skills, be reliable, trustworthy and should enjoy working with children. Responsibilities include: helping other staff members run themed activities, games and simple art projects, engaging in free play with children and helping children to solve disputes in a manner consistent with the school philosophy. All employees must pass state clearances including child abuse and criminal background.

Please email resume and letter of interest to hiring@frankfordfriends.org.

+ Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers are needed for Pre-K through 8th grade classrooms. Experience teaching preferred; Associates degree or higher required. All applicants must be able to pass all relevant background checks.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two professional references to hiring@frankfordfriends.org.

+ Fifth Grade Teacher

General Position Description

The Fifth Grade Teacher creates and administers a classroom program that is conducive to student learning and which emphasizes mutual respect for all people. The Fifth Grade Teacher is flexible and committed to a continuous process for professional growth. The Fifth Grade Teacher is a collegial member of both the Lower and Middle School teaching teams and of the FFS faculty and staff.

The Fifth Grade Teacher uses a variety of classroom techniques for learning and implements interdisciplinary, hands-on, project-based work, field trips, outdoor experiences, educational technologies, and collaborative work with other teachers and classrooms into the program. The Fifth Grade Teacher is competent in using the technologies and strategies necessary to teach both on campus and in a distance learning model.

Major responsibilities include developing creative and innovative curriculum, teaching all aspects of elementary classroom program, cooperating with a team in project-based learning initiatives, and participating in/directing activities. These activities include advising, lunch and recess, chaperoning field trips, offering individual help where needed, participating in admissions-related events, writing reports, and other related activities that contribute to the School community. All teachers are members of at least one school committee and engage in at least one other activity/job that benefits the school community, as determined by the Head of School, such as leading a team, organizing all-school events, or overseeing activities.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement a creative, engaging and stimulating classroom program that entails a high level of collaboration amongst students, includes interdisciplinary, project-based work, incorporates a variety of classroom techniques for learning, and utilizes educational technologies appropriately.
  • Promote high expectations, demonstrate a caring attitude, and establish an environment that supports social, emotional, and academic development in students.
  • Frequently communicate with parents and caregivers about their child’s progress (phone, email, conferences, newsletters, report cards). Be available for individual meetings when needed.
  • Evaluate the progress of each student through formal and informal assessment.
  • Use positive and productive techniques for improving student behavior.
  • Integrate the Quaker testimonies of peace, simplicity, integrity, community and stewardship into the curriculum and when interacting with community members.

Additional Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required

The successful candidate is a collegial and dedicated teacher who is well versed in their subject area, able to form excellent relationships with young children and has:

  • a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in related age groups and subjects;
  • excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills;
  • the interest in and capability to work, plan, and implement project-based learning initiatives;
  • the ability to establish cooperative working relationships with faculty, staff, students, and parents;
  • strong organizational skills;
  • a comfort and excitement about working with children from diverse backgrounds;
  • a high level of interest in collaboration;
  • experience with using educational technologies.

Educational Requirements

BA or BS in Education, or a related field. An elementary specific certification or advanced degree is preferred.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

  • Be able to work both standing up and sitting down for the length of the school day
  • Be able to walk up and down at least two flights of stairs, supervise children on the playground, and walk between school buildings
  • Be able to work in a wide variety of school environments, including the buildings, gardens, playgrounds, and other areas of the campus, in all seasons
  • Be able to pick up children and objects up to 35 lbs.
  • Be able to pass all criminal record checks, background checks, and child abuse clearances

Employment Type

  • Full time, exempt employee, with benefits
  • This Position Reports to: Head of School

Please send a cover letter, resume, and contact information for two professional references to hiring@frankfordfriends.org.

Why Teach at FFS?

We are diverse and inclusive.

We value what is special and unique about ourselves and others.

Our families are supportive and involved.

Educating children is a true collaboration between teachers and parents.

We focus on the whole child.

The social, emotional, and academic growth of our students are equally important.

We have strong values.

We believe in and promote integrity, community, equality, stewardship, and finding peaceful solutions. You will play a major role in fostering both your students’ intellectual growth and the development of their character.

We don't teach to the test.

Our curriculum is planned and developed based on best practices for inquiry-driven learning, and places great value on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

We find opportunities to expand our skills and enrich our practice.

Teachers are supported in reaching professional goals and are true collaborators in important school decision­-making.

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