Employment Opportunities

Job openings, requirements, and application information are posted on Friends Council of Education.

Why Teach at FFS?

We are diverse and inclusive.

We value what is special and unique about ourselves and others.

Our families are supportive and involved.

Educating children is a true collaboration between teachers and parents.

We focus on the whole child.

The social, emotional, and academic growth of our students are equally important.

We have strong values.

We believe in and promote integrity, community, equality, stewardship, and finding peaceful solutions. You will play a major role in fostering both your students’ intellectual growth and the development of their character.

We don't teach to the test.

Our curriculum is planned and developed based on best practices for inquiry-driven learning, and places great value on creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

We find opportunities to expand our skills and enrich our practice.

Teachers are supported in reaching professional goals and are true collaborators in important school decision­-making.