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Our two-floor IDEA Lab serves as the physical home base for our Project-based Learning initiative. Students embrace challenges, work collaboratively, and come up with real solutions to address the needs of a rapidly changing world.

We have adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a foundational framework to engage our students in taking action towards improving the global challenges we face.

By incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our curriculum, we have set the stage for our students’ long-term success in understanding their responsibility towards people and our planet. This principle is fundamental to our mission and essential to living our Quaker values.  

Action & Service

An important aspect of this initiative is the formation of partnerships with people and organizations who are working on the same issues that students are exploring in class.

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Not only do our students see what action looks like, but they come to understand the connection between learning in the classroom and the local services and initiatives within the Greater Philadelphia area. We want them to know that every action taken can build a better future for life on Earth.

Our service learning leaders at FFS are interested in building long-term projects with organizations and we welcome your ideas for partnership.
If you are connected to an organization who would be a fit for our service learning or project based learning programs, please let us know!


Rachel evans

Coordinator of Project-based Learning & The IDEA Lab

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