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Frankford Friends School, located in the heart of Philadelphia, provides an outstanding, student-centered education, anchored by strong Quaker values.

Our tuition is markedly lower than any other Quaker school, and we are pleased that we can make a Quaker education accessible to the children and families who are representative of the cultural, economic, and racial diversity of the city of Philadelphia. However, tuition only covers 80% of the actual cost of our program, leaving the balance to be met through other revenue sources.

Since 1833, Frankford Friends School has relied on support and volunteerism from school families, faculty and staff, alumni, grandfriends, our School Committee members, Meeting members, and many others who love our school. Our community of supporters help to make possible an outstanding social, emotional, and academic experience for all current and future students. Frankford Friends School’s status as a magnet for families from across Philadelphia will be the momentum that makes our excellence sustainable. Gifts to Frankford Friends School will support excellence today that will bear fruit in Philadelphia for years.

All gifts to Frankford Friends School are tax-deductible, affirm the importance of an FFS education, and provide the stewardship needed to keep this vital Quaker school strong.

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