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Frankford Friends School, located in the heart of Philadelphia, provides an outstanding, student-centered education, anchored by strong Quaker values.

Our tuition is markedly lower than any other Quaker school, and we are pleased that we can make a Quaker education accessible to the children and families who are representative of the cultural, economic, and racial diversity of the city of Philadelphia. However, tuition only covers 80% of the actual cost of our program, leaving the balance to be met through other revenue sources.

Since 1833, Frankford Friends School has relied on support and volunteerism from school families, faculty and staff, alumni, grandfriends, our School Committee members, Meeting members, and many others who love our school. Our community of supporters help to make possible an outstanding social, emotional, and academic experience for all current and future students. Frankford Friends School’s status as a magnet for families from across Philadelphia will be the momentum that makes our excellence sustainable. Gifts to Frankford Friends School will support excellence today that will bear fruit in Philadelphia for years.

All gifts to Frankford Friends School are tax-deductible, affirm the importance of an FFS education, and provide the stewardship needed to keep this vital Quaker school strong.

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A time to think about the importance of giving to the people and places who are most important to us.

This month, our faculty and students are partnering with community organizations to #MakeAnImpact on the local community. As our students and teachers work together in care for their community, you can show your support for Frankford Friends School and the things that you love best — its teachers and programs, the diverse community, technology and Project-Based Learning, and our city campus.

Opportunities for Giving

Frankford Friends School relies on gifts from our families and friends as a show of support for what they love best about our school: the values, our teachers and programs, the diverse community, technology and project-based learning, our historic city campus, and most of all, our students.

All gifts to Frankford Friends School are tax-deductible and affirm your commitment to our mission as a Quaker school in the city of Philadelphia. We are sincerely grateful for our donors who join us in building a better future for our students, School, city, and planet.

Numerous individuals, businesses, and foundations make our efforts possible through supporting the Annual Fund, with gifts ranging from $10 to over $10,000. Leadership level gifts begin at $1,000 and can be made possible by both individual contributions and participation in an employee matching gift program. We hope that all families and friends of the School will make a personally significant gift but it is the support and financial endorsement of our donors that enables Frankford Friends School to provide the best possible experience for our students.

Annual Giving

Annual Giving directly allows us to pursue and achieve our mission, and is the school's top fundraising priority. Because of our deep commitment to building a community that is socio-economically diverse, our tuition is lower than any independent school in the city (or Quaker school in the Delaware Valley). We invite FFS families and friends to contribute to one or more of the following funds. While we hope that all donors will make a personally significant contribution, it is our desire to collect the financial endorsement of as many members of our school community as possible. Hundreds of individuals, businesses, and foundations make our efforts possible through annual giving, with gifts ranging from $10 to over $10,000. Leadership level gifts begin at $1,000 and can be made possible individually or through participation in an employee matching gift program.

The Impact Fund

The Impact Fund ensures that the best possible experience is available to every FFS student while keeping tuition affordable for as many families as possible. Impact Fund dollars are used exclusively to support the school’s operating budget, providing direct funds to support students, teachers, programs, and our historic campus.

The Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund facilitates flexible support for short- and long-term mission-focused projects and opportunities that may emerge, ensuring innovation, growth, and the sustainability of Frankford Friends School.

The Equity Fund

The Equity Fund reflects our community’s commitment to strive to make Frankford Friends School accessible and inclusive of a socio-economically diverse community. All funds raised make a Frankford Friends School education possible for more students, propel initiatives that advance equity and inclusion, and help to create a learning and living environment in which all students can thrive.

Your Gifts Support

Faculty Excellence
Our outstanding faculty will have your support by providing competitive salaries, benefits, and professional development opportunities.

Campus & Facilities
Our historic campus consistently undergoes renovation and repair to provide our students with a safe, innovative, and dynamic learning environment.

PBL & Technology
Our unique PBL program, the only one in the City of Philadelphia and the hallmark of our program, engages students in identifying problems, finding solutions, and taking action.

Creative, Physical, & Mental Health
Our robust visual and performing arts programs give students critical outlets for creativity and self-discovery, while our physical and mental health programs support happy and healthy bodies and minds.

Diversity & Community
Our commitment to economic diversity means that more than 30% of our student body receives some level of financial aid. Traditions, service, outdoor education, and trip opportunities provide authentic learning experiences to our students.

Tuition Assistance

Frankford Friends School has a deep commitment to building a community that is socio-economically diverse. With a tuition that is lower than any independent school in the city (or Quaker school in the Delaware Valley), gifts towards tuition assistance are essential to our mission and the sustainability of the school.

EITC and OSTC Pennsylvania State Tax Credit Programs

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers two unique opportunities for individuals and  businesses in the state to reduce tax liability – up to $750,000 per year — by contributing to registered scholarship organizations like Frankford Friends School. Tax credits are given for 90% of your gift. A two consecutive year commitment is required. The application process is easy, but the benefit for maintaining socio-economic diversity at Frankford Friends School is huge. Individuals may apply in a variety of ways, including through the Friends Education Equity Collaborative, with a gift as low as $3,000. FFS will use your gift to provide tuition assistance to students in need.

Individuals interested in participating in any of these programs should contact Kerri Harvey at to learn about the best ways to support FFS tuition assistance for eligible students.

Ways to Give

Thank you for supporting Frankford Friends School!

Your support gives us the resources we need to provide an excellent Quaker education to a diverse community of students. There are many ways to make a gift to Frankford Friends School. Here are some ways to make a special gift.

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Checks and Credit Cards

To make a gift by credit card, contact Kerri Harvey at (215)533-5368x101.
Send a gift in the form of check or money order made out to:
Frankford Friends School
1500 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match gifts by current employees or retirees to non-profit organizations like Frankford Friends School. Please check with your company’s human resources department which will be able to provide more information about such gifts and can provide the form you need to either double or triple the value of your gift to FFS.  


Some donors take the opportunity to give to the school by providing tangible items related to our educational program. The Development Office can help determine the acceptability of such gifts.

Planned Giving

You can remember Frankford Friends School by leaving a gift in your will or estate plan. Making a planned gift may allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and, at the same time, you may experience tax advantages or income for a number of years of life.


Your purchases on Amazon can make a difference at FFS. AmazonSmile donates to Frankford Friends School when you shop on Amazon. Go to: and choose Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends dba Frankford Friends School.

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