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Tuition Assistance

Frankford Friends School offers a markedly reduced tuition, lower than that of any Quaker school in the Delaware Valley.

We believe that a school environment where all socio-economic groups are represented contributes an important element to the diversity of our community, and provides an opportunity for students to develop the necessary skills to create and collaborate with peers from a variety of  backgrounds.

Frankford Friends School recognizes and respects the financial investment a family makes when choosing an independent school education for their child. Therefore, we welcome applications for need-based tuition assistance from any new applicant or currently enrolled student. The application process for financial aid is separate from the application for school admission and has no bearing on acceptance to the school program.

Families seeking tuition assistance are strongly encouraged to apply to Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia as well. Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia provides four-year, K-8th grade scholarships to children from low-income Philadelphia families. Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia applications are usually accepted from mid-November through March 1 of each year. Receipt of Children’s Scholarship funds is separate from the FFS awarding of financial aid.

We are committed to supporting qualified students whose families have a demonstrated need for assistance. However, each student’s family has the primary financial responsibility for the cost of their child’s education. Frankford Friends School’s Tuition Assistance Program is dependent on each family recognizing that responsibility.

2020-2021 Tuition

  • Pre-K - Kindergarten: $12,100
  • Grades 1-4: $11,300
  • Grade 5: $11,500
  • Grades 6-8: $11,700