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Our Distance Learning Program is designed to provide a rich and interactive educational experience from Pre-K through eighth grade.

The FFS Distance Learning Program enables our students and faculty to connect with their community daily using the same Responsive Classroom approach they use while on campus. Starting with our youngest students, every student is involved in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous activities across all curricular content areas — reading, writing, mathematics, music, art, spanish, and physical education, as well as science and social studies in middle school, are an important part of our daily program. Our unique Project-based Learning approach pushes students to lead their own learning while communicating with their peers and practicing personal accountability. 

Collaboration and creativity are embedded in the program throughout every level. Teachers have the flexibility to work with students in whole class groups, small groups, or individually so that everyone can meet with success. An instructional coach and IT professional help guide them in their efforts, resulting in an extraordinary level of engagement and instruction.

The FFS faculty is outstanding, and maintains the highest standards of teaching and learning both while on campus and through the FFS Distance Learning Program.  We care deeply about being a school in which every member of the community makes a personal commitment to joyful learning and the betterment of themselves and the world.

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