Early Childhood Program

Our early childhood classrooms are rich and vibrant places that introduce four- to seven-year old children to the joy of learning.

Our curriculum introduces age-appropriate academic skills, primarily through inquiry and exploration, and supports each child’s developmental needs. Children have the opportunity to make their own choices within a carefully crafted learning environment that includes whole class and small group lessons, indoor and outdoor play, and “specials” — Spanish, art, physical education, music, and library time. They are also introduced to skills such as active listening, understanding and expressing their feelings, self-regulation, and compromise, which help children to navigate their social world.

A strong sense of community is fostered through classroom meetings, collaboration with peers, and exposure to diverse ideas, cultures, and experiences, laying the foundation for students to become advocates for social justice and responsible and reflective citizens of the world.

+ Literacy

Our youngest children build a foundation for early literacy through storytime, role plays, rhyming, and independent reading. They are also introduced to letter sounds and letter writing. As they grow, students experience Reader’s and Writer’s workshop and study phonics and proper handwriting techniques.

+ Mathematics

Pre-k and kindergarten students enjoy hands-on activities to learn skills and concepts such as counting, ordering, comparing, recognizing patterns, money, and telling time. First graders continue to develop their conceptual understanding through the Math in Focus program. Wherever possible, students learn through hands-on activities such as baking or using manipulatives, thus using math to solve real world problems.

+ Science & Social Studies

Our students use inquiry-based processes to foster their curiosity and problem-solving skills, and to gain an appreciation for in-depth investigation. They experiment with objects, materials, and phenomena that allow them to build the foundation for understanding basic science concepts. In our local Frankford community, students investigate neighborhood and community problems to meet our goal of enhancing understanding and civic awareness and city pride.

+ Quakerism

Students focus on values and concepts important to building a strong community: friendship, self-image, peacemaking, equality, similarities and differences, and understanding and acceptance.