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We invite you to join us at Philadelphia’s Pyramid Club on Friday, April 14, 2023 for the FFS Spring Fling. Along with dinner and an open bar, you will enjoy dinner, live music, and a live and silent auction. We will also celebrate this year’s honorees, Shonta D. Collins and Cheryl Spreitzer. Shonta and Cheryl have been beacons of light in our community, providing inspiration and partnership to sustain Frankford Friends School’s culture, vision, and connectivity. Proceeds from the event will uphold our School's vision: to provide a limitless learning experience to curious children who see the Light in themselves and others.

About our Honorees

Shonta D. Collins is currently a parent of Odhran, 2nd grade, and Saorlaith, 1st grade, at Frankford Friends School (FFS). She comes to us from a long standing culture of philanthropic work in local and national communities. Shonta was inspired early in life by her parents James and Diana Collins, who led the way by emulating that "charity starts in the home" and "what you learn in the home you apply into society." The concepts of kindness, humility, gratitude, and respect are part of Shonta's DNA.  

From an early age in grade school, Shonta went door to door in her neighborhood to raise much needed funds for St. Jude's and the Special Olympics, increasing her volunteer time to include working for local charities, food kitchens, and participating in food and toy drives in her middle school years, resulting in her being honored as a Debutante in high school for being a model scholar and leading the way in community service.

Shonta believes that people can find support in simple acts of kindness which drives her passion for bettering the community at large. She has earned five degrees and is currently the owner and managing partner of a medical group, practicing in the field of internal and psychiatric medicine.  Shonta has experienced profound interactions and inspiration from many sources, including her faith in God, her parents, teachers, and mentors of all backgrounds, religions and cultures. These pivotal life experiences paved the way for her to access, explore and learn about the world, including the opportunity to study abroad in Senegal, West Africa.

Shonta has traveled to over 25 countries, for more than 100 humanitarian medical missions. Her  commitment to humanitarian and disaster relief work, most notably in Haiti, is beyond impressive. Shonta's humanitarian work around the world continues to this day, and she is now passing her passion for this work down to her children, Odhran and Saorlaith, who have been to Haiti as well to experience Shonta's joy of service to others. With Shonta's support, Odhran and Saorlaith will continue to travel the world throughout their young lives for the purposes of learning and cultural exploration.  

Shonta believes in the cause of engaging others and including people from all walks of life in her service work. Leading by example, Shonta is a true inspiration to all of us. Her on-going belief in the mission of Frankford Friends School continues to have a tremendous impact on our community in so many ways, further propelling our work to make a Frankford Friends education affordable for all families regardless of what may be perceived as a limitation. 

Cheryl Spreitzer is the proud mother of two Frankford Friends School students, Lucy, 3rd grade, and Amelia, 1st grade. Cheryl and Shonta are the founding FFS Fundraising Clerks, aiming to find outside sponsorships for our school community.   

Lucy and Amelia began their education at FFS in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Cheryl says she found a need to engage in the outside community during this time when so many schools remained closed, and as a result, lost critical fundraising opportunities. Together with Shonta, she has played a pivotal role in engaging business leaders and vendors who share the same passion as Frankford Friends School: social and community responsibility that includes equity in a diverse city.  

Outside of Frankford Friends School, Cheryl is passionate about sustainability issues that include grassroots solutions leading to cleaner and more environmentally friendly infrastructures in our local neighborhoods. She is also committed to women’s equality issues, and to raising independent daughters who share her passion and dedication for serving their community.   

Originally from Connecticut, Cheryl moved to Philadelphia in 2007 after spending five years in Richmond, Virginia. She is an award-winning journalist and is the Special Projects – Investigative Producer for 6ABC Action News.  Although you may not see her daily in front of the camera, you likely have seen her work in stories that hold public officials accountable, advocate for victims of crimes, and expose the wrongdoings of businesses on behalf of consumers. In December 2021, Cheryl released her first documentary film on Hulu: “No Good Deed: A Crowdfunding Holiday Heist”, about the station’s role in the investigation that uncovered the largest GoFundMe scheme in the site’s history. Cheryl is an avid baseball fan, and most importantly, a devoted Phillies fan. She continues her quest to visit every major league ballpark in the country, with the list currently standing at 21! Cheryl enjoys spending time outdoors with her daughters and her husband Tim. A foodie and wine lover,  you will also find Cheryl with family and friends exploring Philly’s world-class restaurant scene. 

Spring Fling Auction

We are excited to host both a live and silent auction at our Spring Fling!

If you would like to get involved or donate an auction item to the Spring Fling you can learn more at this link: FFS Spring Fling Auction Donation or email Kerri Ditro, Coordinator of Development at kditro@frankfordfriends.org.

100% of item proceeds from the event will support the FFS Annual Giving Program's Innovation Fund.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By sponsoring this event, you not only support our mission of building a better future of humankind, but reach a diverse group of Philadelphia families and friends who are active stewards of their communities. We would be honored for you to show your support of our school community and visionary future by sponsoring this year’s event.

If you would like to sponsor the FFS Spring Fling, please complete the following sponsor pledge form:
FFS Spring Fling Sponsor Pledge.

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Are you interested in purchasing tickets to the Spring Fling, or sponsoring an FFS employees or School family to attend? Visit our ticket page to learn more about ticket purchase options: FFS Spring Fling Tickets.

We hope you will join us on the 52nd floor of Philadelphia's Pyramid Club on April 14, 2023, to celebrate and support Frankford Friends School's mission and students! If you have questions or would like more information, contact Kerri Ditro, Coordinator of Development at kditro@frankfordfriends.org.