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who we are

We find joy in exploring the world around us.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade
Philadelphia, PA

We are thoughtful, imaginative, and skillful communicators and listeners.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade
Philadelphia, PA

We learn through inquiry, discussion, and reflection.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade
Philadelphia, PA

We work to understand societal issues and develop solutions for challenges faced.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade
Philadelphia, PA

We are building a better future for humankind.

Pre-K to Eighth Grade
Philadelphia, PA

Compassionate and Engaged Citizens of the World

As a Quaker school, we believe that children learn best through purpose and play, in a diverse community of teachers and peers where the Light is seen in every individual. Our students grapple with complex, real-world problems, learning to identify problems, find solutions, and take action, becoming active changemakers in their own neighborhoods and in the world beyond. When a Frankford Friends student joyfully reaches for information with confidence, objectivity and inquisitiveness we believe that our purpose as a school is fulfilled.

Our Program

Driven by Inquiry

Our Project-Based Learning curriculum guides and inspires students to think critically about issues that affect them and the world, and to collaborate with peers to find solutions.

the key components

A Challenging Problem or Question
It all begins with a meaningful issue focused on one or more of the UN SDGs

Sustained Inquiry
Students engage in an extended process of exploration.

The projects offer real-world content, tasks, tools, and impact.

Cross-Curricular Connections
Students communicate through technology, art, statistics, writing, and speaking.

Reflection, Critique, and Revision
Students give, receive, and apply feedback to improve their process and product.

Action &
Students make their work public through demonstrations outside of the classroom.

Grounded in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our curriculum is grounded in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our blueprint to understand and engage with the issues that will impact our communities today and in the future. From our earliest learners in pre-kindergarten to our eighth-grade leaders, every FFS student is offered a world view in which possibilities and opportunities can be found in every challenge.


Frankford Friends School guides and inspires students’ creativity as they identify problems, find solutions, and take action on the issues that affect them and the world.

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